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Latest News

November 29

Monthly newsletter for November 2015

October 22

More Than 100 Corporate Executives to Attend WIB Annual Board Assembly

October 06

Current board openings announced to VIP Members

August 31

VIP Member Caroline Tsay appointed to Travelzoo Board

August 21

VIP Member Sharon Egilinsky appointed to Integral Board Group

August 13

Sheila Ronning featured as Today’s Innovative Woman of the Week

August 12

Sheila Ronning on women in the corporate boardroom on WRNW1

June 01

VIP Member K. Sue Redman appointed to PCS Edventures board

May 27

Sheila Ronning on executive networking in the Wall Street Journal

April 13

Connecting With & Evaluating Your Fellow Board Members & CEO

March 31

Sheila Ronning on board skill-sets in Huffington Post

March 23

ExecuNet interview with Sheila Ronning about women on boards

March 09

Sheila Ronning in Business News Daily with advice for female entrepreneurs

February 21

Women in the Boardroom CEO Sheila Ronning to speak at upcoming summits

February 10

Sheila Ronning featured in Washington Post article on board quotas

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
We create an environment where women can achieve their goal of leadership and
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the way.

Our Mission
We prepare women for leadership and corporate board service by giving them the
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