My VIP membership has opened up a remarkable network to me that is unmatched anywhere else. I can not only meet people who know about current board opportunities but I also am finding a circle of like-minded people who are looking to the future and will know about even greater opportunities to come. The longer I participate with Women in the Boardroom, the more people I get to know and connect with. As individual board terms expire, it’s an exceptional way to keep my name in the hat for the next opportunity.
Lili Hall, President & CEO, KNOCK Inc.
As a new corporate director, Women in the Boardroom (WIB) membership provided me with valuable coaching to prepare for a board role. The WIB events sourced excellent speakers with practical information for board preparation and participation. The WIB one-on-one board coaching gave individualized advice on preparing board profiles and seeking board opportunities. Sheila Ronning is an outstanding resource for women considering corporate boards.
Laura Moret, Chief Counsel & Managing Director, Piper Jaffray Companies
Board coaching helped me understand how to build a professional profile (as opposed to a board resume or bio) and got me thinking in terms of impactful skills which are transferable to the boardroom.
Donna Pankotai, Sr. VP, EWI Re. Inc.
Joining WIB as a VIP Member has been one of the best things I have done in my professional life. Not only have I met amazing women (and men!) who have become my close friends, it has forced me to focus on my goal of serving on a corporate board by completing my board bio and targeting networking prospects. The events are always high quality and the speakers and topics are top notch. I highly recommend becoming a VIP Member of WIB!
Linn Freedman, Partner, Robinson & Cole, LLP
Over a year ago, I was told by a colleague I respect a great deal that I needed to meet Sheila Ronning and consider joining Women in the Boardroom for a myriad of reasons -- especially if my goal was corporate board service. During a frank and engaging introductory conversation, I was inspired, intrigued and knew that Sheila and WIB were going to be a tremendous asset to me as an executive in pursuit of a corporate board role. To be quite candid, I had joined WIB as a VIP Member before Sheila and I had even hung up the phone. Sheila is strength, tenacity, advocacy and resourcefulness incarnate. As the leader of Women in the Boardroom, she has created a business platform through which real progress is possible. She is all action with the requisite amount of talk. Her openness to new ideas and her ability to incorporate them without veering off her business objectives is a differentiator. I am honored to serve on her Advisory Board as I know that she is a force to be reckoned with in changing boardrooms for the better. She is a partner, advocate and often a pain in the *@# when you need that push that executives need on occasion to make transformational moves.
Sharon Egilinsky, Chairman of the Board, University Settlement & CEO, SRE Solutions, LLC
I want to thank you for the amazing advice you provided me with in helping me prepare my board documents. I had procrastinated joining Women in the Boardroom as a VIP Member because I hadn't updated my resume in 20 years and it seemed like such a chore. Although it required some thought and probably a total of 20 hours over the course of the last couple of months, you made the process of getting this done so easy. Your preparation ahead of our calls exceeded my expectations, and your clear understanding of what I have accomplished in the last two decades was really insightful. You've been an amazing inspiration and mentor to me since I joined the organization and have helped prepare me for board readiness in a way I never thought possible. I am very pleased with the end-result and have recommend your fabulous organization to women preparing and applying for corporate board positions.
Tina Larsson, CEO, Pendo LLC
As a seasoned executive and global industry leader, I have come to recognize my strengths and am comfortable acknowledging my areas of improvement. Venturing into the realm of board service is one area I knew required external expertise. I researched several entities and selected Women in the Boardroom because the organization aligned with my objectives. Now that I am a VIP Member of WIB, I’ve been exposed to board coaching, virtual and in-person events, networking techniques and corporate board openings, all of which have been valuable to my focus of launching a successful board campaign. I’ve maximized my limited time and effectively positioned myself for corporate board service.
Cheryl Campbell, SVP, CGI
I have recommended Women in the Boardroom as a great way to start learning about and launching a campaign to pursue board service. When I came to WIB, I didn't appreciate the difference between a standard resume and board documents. I’ve since gained that perspective by working with the WIB board coach to develop board documents and prepare for board interviews. I have also participated in search strategy-sessions to help me determine how to structure my search campaign and I’ve used data shared by WIB to identify available board seats. I appreciate the variety of virtual and in-person events where I have gained information about the critical board issues of today, learned what resources decision-makers use to find directors and networked for support on my directorship journey.
Angela Brock-Kyle, Founder & CEO of B.O.A.R.D.S.
I have served on corporate boards in the past, but Women in the Boardroom has helped me with my renewed board journey. They provide in-person and virtual events which include topics and discussion to improve board skills. I valued the board coaching to help prepare my board bio and consistent follow-ups to assist me with staying on track with my search. Their board opportunity notifications were helpful, as were the lists they provided VIP Members of thousands of boards who were in need of female candidates. Women in the Boardroom is truly a valuable resource with board experts who have a wealth of knowledge.
Jo Ann Glaccum, Adjunct Law Professor, Fordham Law School & Former Sr. VP, GC, Secretary & Compliance Officer, Benjamin Moore & Co.
Women in the Boardroom events provide unprecedented, often one-on-one access to high-caliber professionals who are board experts or are already serving on corporate boards. These are the people that you want to know and that want to know you! They are the directors that will invariably be involved in the selection process of future board members on their corporate boards. I have tried to attend every in-person event in the Twin Cities, because they are not only informative about the board process and current boardroom issues, but provide a unique opportunity to network with women who already serve on corporate boards and could provide you valuable connections.
Donika Pentcheva, Patent Attorney, Westman, Champlin & Koehler P.A.
As a current corporate board member, I believe that Women in the Boardroom provides helpful information to women at all stages of their careers and board search. The solid base of corporate board opening leads is really of value, even if someone is already on a board. I was also provided outstanding, actionable advice and counsel from the WIB board coach as I was preparing my board bio. What they provide is truly a wealth of knowledge.
Shirley Weis, President, Weis Associates, LLC & Former VP & CAO, Mayo Clinic
Your organization is professional, forward-looking and has an exceptional reputation. I would highly recommend you to my peers to help them achieve their goals.
Tina DeCoster
The corporate board opening notifications from Women in the Boardroom are extremely valuable. Once your board bio is in order and you’re board-ready, you need these ‘leads’. These notifications from WIB, including lists of companies with an interest in or are actively seeking women board members, are very helpful. I also consider Sheila a great speaker. Every time I hear her speak or have a conversation with her, I walk away with 10 things I want to do immediately to up my game.
Carren Shulman, Partner & Member of Executive Committee, Sheppard Mullin
I have recommended to friends that they consider Women in the Boardroom because it’s important that women help women, and because I value the benefits of VIP Membership. The in-depth board bio review process that included one-on-one conversations with a board coach was very helpful and the gentle nudging from Sheila reminds me that it takes work to be noticed by boards. And, of course, the board opening notifications for VIP Members give me an entry to potential board seats that I otherwise would not know about.
Denise Kuprionis, President, The Governance Solutions Group
My new board position would not have happened had I not joined Women in the Boardroom as a VIP Member. Not only were my eyes opened to exploring private and smaller public boards but the process and guidance I have received from their board experts has been invaluable. While attending programs from other groups have been great, it is the follow-up and check-ins that I receive from Women in the Boardroom that have pushed me to get the work done that is needed to attain a board seat. I plan to stay engaged with Women in the Boardroom to make connections and be notified of more open board positions.
Cathy Sandeen, VP, American Council on Education
As an experienced corporate board member, Women in the Boardroom is a great place to discuss critical board issues and challenges with other female board members, including topics like security and compensation. The visibility of board opportunities and being introduced to companies that I might potentially serve on is extremely valuable as well. I was also able to improve upon my board bio and learn from their excellent webinars.
Dee Thibodeau, CEO, Charter Solutions
Aligning the goal to advance women with the needs of the members keeps Women in the Boardroom relevant. The membership benefits are broad enough to meet a variety of needs, yet flexible enough for each member to gain value in a way that makes sense for them.
Laurie Benson, CEO, LB Unlimited
I was already serving on a corporate board but came to Women in the Boardroom for assistance sharpening and revising my board bio, to expand my networks and to present myself effectively for my next board seat with another public or private company.
Charlotte Sibley, President, Sibley Associates LLC
Women in the Boardroom is a wonderful resource for networking with amazing women of varied talents and interests. This great expanding network is a way to hear about the journey of others and state out loud where we each are on our own journey. We can support and hold each other accountable to not just be the thinkers but the doers. It is a reminder of our collective and individual potential.
Ann Booth-Barbarin, Sr. Counsel & Asst. Secretary, AstraZeneca
I believe Women in the Boardroom has been working proactively and effectively to increase female representation on boards. Sheila has been impressive reaching out to companies to advocate adding women to their boards. She has been successful getting companies to review the very capable, experienced Women in the Boardroom candidates for their open board seats.
Barb Allen, Former President, Proactive Partners
I wanted to share the experience that I had with your board coach. I’ve always struggled with my resume, so my board bio was yet another challenge. Your coach was exceedingly helpful and WIB has done a terrific job in putting together this process. After some hard work and time with her, I feel as if every word has had its appropriate moment of attention. I am now moving to the next step in the process and am excited about the possibilities. I very, very much appreciate it.
Elizabeth Ghaffari, President & CEO, Technology Place, Inc.
So far, the brief time I’ve been a VIP member of Women in the Boardroom has easily been the most productive for me in terms of my quest for a corporate board seat.
Teresa Sanders, President & CEO, InnWorks
Anchin, Block & Anchin loves our Corporate Membership with WIB. It's been a great resource for us to help advance our female professionals in various levels of their career, especially those at the executive level. Thanks to Women in the Boardroom!
Marcia Nelson, Practice Growth Manager, Anchin, Block & Anchin
Organizations like Women in the Boardroom are doing a huge service to the high potential female executives in America.
Zahra Jamshed
Thank you again for your help in preparing the first version of my board bio. You have a wonderful way of posing questions and making suggestions. It was very effective in bringing me to think more deeply about my experience and interests. As a result of preparing the bio, I feel that I have gained greater insight into both myself personally and professionally. I appreciate your time and recommendations.
Jaqueline Dorsey, Attorney, Hvistendahl, Moersch, Dorsey & Hahn
Sheila Ronning runs a top-flight organization. Since joining as a VIP member of Women in the Boardroom, I have accessed important information and connections. As such, my aspiration and readiness for Board service have moved to the next level. My Board bio is now complete, my networking has expanded and my overall confidence is heightened. Women with serious BOD interest and commitment will benefit greatly from the VIP level.
Susan Nicholas, CEO & Founder, Metier and Muse
The knowledge I have received and the connections I have made through my VIP membership with Women in the Boardroom have been invaluable. I am happy to report that with their guidance and network, I am not only a stronger candidate but also a new member of a dynamic company board.
Darcy Howe, Senior VP of Investments, Merrill Lynch